Gratitude Journal April 2018

5 minute read Here’s my updated thoughts on a few things that I’m grateful for: Healthy “Munchies” (“Munchies” are how Amanda and I refer to our children. I don’t think anyone else uses that word. It originated from how “munchy” they were as babies and has stuck ever since.) Our 4-year-old and 2-year-old girls are healthy and usually […]

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The Music of the Home

< 1 minute read This is a poem by Ann Madsen, one of my religion professors at BYU. I stumbled upon it while reading the biography of her husband Truman G. Madsen The Music of Home The music of home: a subtle melody hard to improvise while far away. Now as it crescendos surrounding me, sometimes in simple silence […]

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Times I’ve Felt Really Happy

2 minute read At church I’m now called to team-teach Sunday school to the four year olds. (We’ll see how this goes! But I see they’re mostly really surprisingly good kids, and I’m mostly a big kid, and the other teacher is mature, so we should be fine). Part of the first lesson said to mention times I […]

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Elders Quorum President Release Thoughts

8 minute read Today I was released from being the “Elders Quorum President” in our local Duncan Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Myself and my two counsellors, Mike McCullough and Grant Cassell, were basically charged with leading and instructing the 20-50 year old men in our congregation. More specifically we were arranging lessons […]

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Celeste's first temple trip 

3 minute read Here’s a point-form synopsis of this last weekend’s trip to Vancouver, primarily to visit the LDS temple in Langley. Amanda, Danielle (3 years old), Celeste (9 months old) and me went. We could have tried to do a day trip and left the girls with grandparents, but Celeste is still nursing and the last time […]

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Plan of Salvation Talk

8 minute read Introduction Good morning brothers and sisters, I’m Mike Nelson. I’m Chantal Ficquet’s son, and son-in-law in Malcolm and Rose Saunders. My beautiful wife Amanda and I have been in the ward for nearly 4 years now, and we have two girls Danielle and Celeste. I have been asked to talk about the Plan of Salvation. […]

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