Pulled Pork Recipe

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I’ve used this same pulled pork recipe at least 4 times, each time I nearly couldn’t find it… so now I’m permanently bookmarking it to my blog.

Pressure Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

Super important note to self: expect this meal to take 2 hours to prepare, as the meat needs to cook in the pressure cooker for over an hour (especially considering it takes 20 minutes to get to temperature.)

I don’t bother taking the bones or fat off (the bones fall off easily, the fat gets shredded up). I use nearly any cut of meat (including steaks). My meat is usually mostly frozen so searing it is hard (and the sugary coating usually burns), so I don’t put the sugar on the meat when searing.

Oh and I usually make a coleslaw to go with it. For that I just destroy some cabbage in the Breville and make an easy coleslaw dressing for it.

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