Korean Lettuce Wraps (“Bulgogi”)

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This was recommended to me as a way to use up kimchi. It’s very similar to Korean tacos, but the flavor reminded me more of a Korean bbq.

Here’s the recipe: https://www.cookingforkeeps.com/wprm_print/27241/

I adjusted a little:

  • Replaced “gochujang” with Thai red chili paste (it sounds like the same thing)
  • Doubled the recipe to feed a (young) family of 6
  • added some caramelized kimchi (a few tablespoons of kimchi and a teaspoon sugar sautéed in sesame oil for a few minutes)
  • Used romaine lettuce (Btw, always soak lettuce in cold water for 5 minutes before using… it absorbs the water, gets juicy, and loses that slightly bitter taste)

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